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STOIK Noise Autofix

Automatically remove noise from digital photos, preserve details and sharpness
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19 July 2007

Editor's review

Digital imagery has fast gained popularity as well as winning accolades for its flexibility and comfort value that it offers to its users. Further, since the digital camera technology has been successfully integrated with mobile phones and external portable devices, the film based cameras have already become obsolete. However, the ‘noise’ element is something which is inadvertently present in most of the images clicked owing to lighting and environment disturbances. Noises are also of diverse types with different ranging pixels which can be altered owing to dust particles present ion the air or even inside the camera. Further, different techniques are available nowadays which help in removal of this noise and STOIK Noise Autofix 1.6 is an addition to the existing plethora of applications catering to this specific utility.

STOIK Noise Autofix 1.6 upon launch opens with a systematically arranged interface with the main options located at the top and icons present just beneath. The in-built assistant enables detection of diverse noises and removal of same effectually. The major tools of this application are the noise detector, noise analyzer and noise suppression filter. All three of them work in integration and remove the noise elements from pictures effectively by detecting the noise from the natural details of the picture. The noise filter is utilized using a multi-resolution image depiction applying different methodologies to process noise and image elements. An automated Smart Sharpening filter is also integrated into the software which can be optionally used as a post processing tool. This application can work effectively for photographers and graphic designers, however doesn’t earn much appreciation owing to extensive competition already existing.

To conclude, STOIK Noise Autofix 1.6 certainly has multiple features and tools for removal of noise present in digital images and clear out the fuzziness in pictures and hence gets a rating score of three points for its common functionality.

Publisher's description

STOIK Noise Autofix v.1.6 implements the latest automatic noise reduction algorithm developed by STOIK Imaging. The program cleans noise in photos from different sources including digital cameras, cameraphones, and scanners. The main internal modules of the program are noise detector, noise analyzer and noise suppression filter. Noise detector finds noise and distinguishes it from natural image textures and fine details. It is based on statistical Bayesian classifier. It was pre-trained on most typical noise types and it can be trained additionally to take into account new specific noise patterns. Noise analyzer measures noise parameters, builds the noise profiles, and decides what filter parameters are optimal for the particular noise type according to the proprietary image quality criteria. The noise removal filter processes the image to reduce noise level providing balance between preserving image details and noise suppression. The filtering is performed using a multi – resolution image representation. During filtration the filter makes statistically optimal decision whether image element belongs to noise or not. Once the decision is made it applies different methods to process noise and image elements. This software also includes automatic Smart Sharpening filter as an optional post–processing tool. Features ------------- Fully automatic functions: - noise detection - noise profiling - noise profile analyzing and correction - filter adaptation to noise pattern based on image quality criteria - sharpening Optional manual fine tuning: - change noise detection/false alarms levels - adjust image details preservation level - adjust noise reduction amount Input/Output - Import 24- and 48-bit color JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, PSD files - Output JPEG, TIFF, PNG, BMP, - EXIF data preservation - Drag-n-drop files from Explorer of copy-paste images from Clipboards - Assistant window - Batch processing
STOIK Noise Autofix
STOIK Noise Autofix
Version 1.6
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